Dive In!

You are the key to the health of Lake Champlain.

While it may sometimes seem that the actions of one person will not make a lot of difference, the little things we do each day can collectively have a huge impact in protecting clean water in the lake.

Simple actions you can take include:

  • Install a rain barrel to hold water from your roof during large rain storms.
  • Plant a rain garden to absorb runoff and filter pollutants.
  • Disconnect your downspout from the storm drain and redirect it to the lawn.
  • Wash your car on the lawn instead of the driveway to prevent detergents from running into waterways.
  • Plant vegetation along shorelines and riverbanks to hold soil in place and reduce erosion.

How can you help prevent phosphorus from getting into the lake?

  • What is the TMDL?

  • What is Phosphorus?

  • What You Can Do?

  • Best Management Practices

  • Legacy Phosphorus